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I'll Make You Forget All About It (わらわが忘れさせてやろう! Warawa ga wasuresasete yarō!) is the eighth episode of the Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san anime. It aired on May 29th 2019.


Shiro takes everyone to the beach for a day of summer fun. While there, Kuroto encounters a mysterious stranger.[1]


At home, Nakano has summer break off from work. Senko asked him how long is his summer break last, he replied it's for a day. Shiro unexpectedly shows up and brought them to the beach with Koenji. She was surprised and brought in by Shiro, while Koenji was sleeping. Senko thinks Shiro did a risky move by bring her along. Shiro and Koenji went to play in the water as Nakano and Senko sat under the umbrella. He asked Senko about how close Shiro and Koenji is. Senko replied that they played video games together. Then they played volleyball until Senko's back gave out. Koenji looked through her bag and grabbed the grill, while Kuroto decided to find food nearby. He went searching for food and came to a shack to find someone there and she gave him raw food. Kuroto wanted to thank her, but she left, thinking he was talking to a ghost. Kuroto got back and they ate. At night, Senko used her fox-fire as fireworks. Koenji thought the fireworks looks differently as Shiro told her it isn't.







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