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Kuroto Nakano is the protagonist of Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san.


Kuroto's appearance is that of an average Japanese working-class man. He has unkempt black hair that parts on either side and hangs down the middle. Kuroto is often seen with heavy bags under his eyes due to his work constantly exhausting him.

He wears a blue suit jacket, white polo shirt, blue tie, blue jeans or occasionally at home, a gray T-shirt.



Kuroto, a salaryman working for an exploitative company, grows a sudden aura called 'darkness' and Senko voted to pamper Kuroto to get rid off the 'darkness.'



Senko is the Kitsune assigned to Kuroto. She acts as his "wife and mother", often pampering him. Senko also prepares meals and cleans for Kuroto.


Shiro is a Kitsune who is assigned to Yasuko but still associates often with Kuroto and Senko.


Yasuko is Kuroto's neighbor. Initially, she did not like him initially as she found him to be constantly raucous and vociferous. After Senko offered to give her the extras from what she cooked as an apology for the constant noise, Yasuko seems to be on good terms with both Kuroto and Senko.


  • Kuroto is intentionally drawn very plain with no real distinguishing features to allow him to be a stand-in for the audience.
  • Kuroto's 'darkness' is likely a stand-in for depression.


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