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Senko is the deuteragonist of Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san.


Senko is an 800 year old kitsune girl with radiant orange fur with white tail tips and brown fox ear tip. Senko wears a red and white Miko kimono with a beige apron tied with a red ribbon and traditional Japanese geta. Despite her age, Senko is described by Yasuko as a "lolita", and it can be inferred that she appears much younger than Kuroto and possibly even as a young juvenile.


Senko typically acts closer to her actual age rather than her young appearance, often speaking in a manner similar to an old women. Despite this she has been to act youthful and bubbly when going out with Kuroto. Senko often describes herself as a "mother and wife" which is accurate to her tendency to both pamper and look after Kuroto while simultaneously cleaning and caring for his residence.


Though not confirmed or addressed directly, it is implied Senko looked after a man similar to Kuroto in the distant past until something tragic but unrevealed occurred.[3]


Powers & Abilities

Senko has shown the abilities off:


Kuroto Nakano

After seeing his darkness grow and how it could affect the world, Senko volunteered to help stop the "darkness" by trying to spoil and pamper Kuroto "to his heart's content". Examples of this pampering include cooking nostalgic meals and allowing him to touch her tail.


Shiro is an acquaintance to Senko.[7]

Yasuko Koenji

Yasuko is Senko's next-door neighbor. Originally believing that Kuroto had kidnapped Senko, Yasuko grew to adore Senko and believed she was cosplaying as Little Yoko, Inari Girl.


Yozora is Senko's overseer.[8]



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