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Senko (仙狐) is the deuteragonist of Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san. Senko is a demigod fox, from kitsune heaven. Even though she looks like a child, her age is 800 years.


Senko is an 800 year old kitsune girl with radiant orange fur with white tail tips and brown fox ear tip. Senko wears a red and white Miko kimono with a beige apron tied with a red ribbon and traditional Japanese geta. Although her appearance is very juvenile, her use of glasses and old fashion assures the audience of her real, much older demigod age. Senko also has different outfits as transitions in other episodes. Her eyes are an ombre shade of yellow to brown.


Senko typically acts closer to her actual age, rather than her young appearance, often speaking in a manner similar to an old woman. Despite this, she has been known to act youthful and bubbly when going out with Kuroto. Senko often describes herself as a "mother and wife" which is accurate to her tendency to both pamper and look after Kuroto while simultaneously cleaning and caring for his residence. She is shown to be humble to any friend of Kuroto's, such as Koenji.



Though not confirmed or addressed directly, it is implied Senko looked after a man similar to Kuroto in the distant past until something tragic but unrevealed occurred.[3] In other words, Senko used to work for Kuroto's ancestor or older relative. This ancestor shows up in many of Kuroto's dreams or memories, as well as Senko's. It is theorized that it was Kuroto in a past life.


Her job is to remove the darkness from Kuroto's life and fill in happiness for him. She tries her best to pamper Kuroto quite a bit. When he gets home, she always listens to his requests and cooks him a lot of food.

Powers & Abilities

Senko has shown the abilities of:

  1. Telekinesis[4]
  2. Portal Manifestation[5]
  3. Flight (Levitation)
  4. Manipulating fox-fire[6]
  5. Magic Barrier


Kuroto Nakano

After seeing his darkness grow and how it could affect the world, Senko volunteered to help stop the "darkness" by trying to spoil and pamper Kuroto "to his heart's content". Examples of this pampering include cooking nostalgic meals and allowing him to fluff her tail.


Shiro is an acquaintance to Senko.[7] Senko works with Shiro as a rank in serving the agriculture deities, aka Inari.

Yasuko Koenji

Yasuko is Senko's next-door neighbor. Originally believing that Kuroto had kidnapped Senko, Yasuko grew to adore Senko and believed she was cosplaying as Little Yoko, Inari Girl.


Yozora is Senko's overseer.[8] She is something like Senko's boss as well as her commander. Yozora, A.K.A "Sora" from what Senko calls her, tends to have somewhat of a controlling as well as powerful stand over Senko, attempting to take Kuroto away from her. She refrences many times of "all things ending eventually" to Senko, knowing the unsettlement it gives her.


  • She is very uncomfortable when letting her tail and ears getting touched, due to their delicateness, but with Kuroto, she will follow his orders no matter what.
  • After the ending of most episodes, Senko has a little special "POV" short for the viewer, in which she nurtures the person watching. It can be both seen as weird and wholesome.
  • Her japanese voice actor sings the intro theme.
  • Her favourite delicacy is tofu. Once, she took a lot of tofu from the supermarket and filled up Kuroto's fridge with them.
  • Senko has a shrine, as a result of her being a demi-god.
  • [NOT CANON] On the internet she is a viral meme, one of the memes involves Senko photoshopped onto a piece of bread, dubbed "Senko Bread".[9]


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