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Shiro is a supporting character of Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san.


Shiro is a Kitsune with long white-silver hair, ears, and tail, as well as red eyes. She also sports two red stripes on both of her cheeks.

Shiro wears a long white dress with a crescent moon on one side revealing one of her legs, as well as black stockings and shoulder-length gloves. She has a red ribbon-like scarf she wears around her lower back. Along with that, she has a black neck collar with a red gem hanging from it.


Shiro is initially arrogant when she first is introduced, believing that Kuroto should be her servant and worship Kitsunes. She is often much more energetic and unpredictable than Senko. She later becomes friends with Kuroto and Senko.


Little is known about her past, but since her tail is huge, we can fathom she is around 800 or 900 years old.


Shiro is initially sent to assist Senko with Kuroto as she is seen having trouble removing his 'darkness.' She later becomes Yasuko‘s roommate.

Powers & Abilities

  • Mind controlling capabilities[2]
  • Ability to control Fox-fire
  • Inner eye/ability to read thoughts.
  • Portal Manifestation


Shiro is an acquaintance to Senko, and Yozora as displayed in multiple scenes found in Episode 1 and 4.


  • Shiro means "white" in japanese.
  • Her red whiskers are possibly a reference to the Overwatch series.


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