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Yasuko Koenji (高円寺 安子 Koenji Yasuko) is the resident of the neighboring house to the Kuroto residence.


Yasuko appears as a young woman with brown hair that is tied back in a ponytail with bangs over her forehead, about 2 barettes on the right side, dark amber-brown eyes and dark square-rimmed glasses. She is generally seen wearing an unzipped red tracksuit top with a tan t-shirt under with maroon shorts.


Yasuko is usually stressed and fatigued from staying up drawing manga. She lives a very messy lifestyle having takeout boxes and trash scattered through her room. When she isn’t stressed and tired she is energetic, joyful, much like Shiro.


Little is known about her past, except that she has taken an job as an manga artist.


First appearance was a cameo when senko screamed and she checked outside to look. At first, she thought Kuroto was an kidnapper and Senko was his victim, however Senko explained to her everything.

They became friends after a while.

Powers & Abilities

  • None at the moment



Based on Yasuko's expectations, Shiro was somewhat different from Senko. Although, they seem pretty close with each other.

Kuroto Nakano

Kuroto was her next door neighbor. Initially, she seemed to hate him as she found him to be constantly annoying next door. After Senko offered her food as an apology, she starts to befriends with Kuroto along with Senko.


Yasuko always thought of Senko appearance as a cosplay because it reminds her of Little Yoko. She often finds her very cute and was somehow pretty jealous on Kuroto for having her instead.


  • The name Yasuko means "peace, quiet" (安) (yasu) and "child" (子) (ko).
  • She is an manga artist, who's penname is JASCO
  • Yasuko is a fan of Little Yoko, Inari girl
  • She and Kuroto are the only ones with surnames.


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