Yozora is a character in Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san.


Yozora is a young-looking kitsune female. She boasts a voluptuous figure and plum-colored hair with bangs that cover her left eye. Her hair is held back by four golden bird kanzashi along with a red flower ornament. She has four big, purple fox tails with light purple tips. Yozora wears a red kimono with black linings and golden butterflies on the bottom of the sleeves. The kimono is held up in a impossibly-low neckline which nearly reveals her breasts. She is barefooted.


As Senko and Shiro's ruler, she is an elegant Kitsune with a seductive behaviour, but she can be serious sometimes.



Powers & Abilities



  • She made her first appearance but was only partially visible in Episode 1.
  • She was also in the shack in Episode 8, where she personally met (but did not introduce herself to) Kuroto.
  • She finally introduced herself to Kuroto in Episode 10.


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